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Devops Continuous Integration with Jenkins

One of the main reasons why DevOps is important is because it is not limited to any technology or any specific area. Learning DevOps makes you acquire knowledge across different aspects of software development such as building, coding, testing, automating, releasing the software and maintenance functions.

Due to the inter-disciplinary facets, DevOps is currently the favorite among many people in the software industry. Master the principles of DevOps and upgrade your skills from software professional to a DevOps expert by creating software solutions that are faster and efficient.

Be a step ahead from the software professionals by leading the overall process with the knowledge of DevOps.

Why Choose Affirmative?

Don’t just learn the course. Master it!

At Affirmative, we do not just provide you with online training. Our unique blended teaching method combines gives you classroom like atmosphere, so you never know that the session is online. Apart from that we also give you practical scenarios that are happening in the real-time world where these programming languages are used. So, you get the best of both worlds by learning in the classroom-like set up and applying in while working on case studies. That is why at Affirmative you don’t just learn. We give you the experience and knowledge to master what you are learning.

A whole world of opportunities to explore

By understanding DevOps, you are provided with many possibilities. A certified DevOps professional can manage end to end software development and all areas of the software development lifecycle in his own. Learn about deploying the software, managing its operations etc. You are not only a DevOps expert but also ready to be employed as the software implementation remains the same across all domains. Job ready courses so that employment opportunities chase you rather than you are chasing them.

Certified Trainers

Learn from the best experts in the industry. Our trainers have vast experience in DevOps and can enrich you with their personal experience and the industry know-hows, so you know what you can expect at workplace. Since the trainers also started their journey as students, they are well aware of the novice errors that everyone makes and help you avoid them to get ahead in your career.

Prerequisites for learning DevOps

Basic knowledge about software programming is desired to understand the DevOps concepts. However, if you do not, our trainers can help you understand the same.

Who is this program for?

This program is aimed at anyone who is looking to make a career in the software industry.

Career Prospects

DevOps professionals are currently one of the top paid people in the software sector. Many companies are looking for experts in the same as they can manage the entire process instead of using multiple resources. The demand for DevOps professional is only growing day by day. There are plenty of job offers that Affirmative can help you find. Choose your course and your career is set.

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Monday - Friday

9:00 AM IST - 10:00 AM IST

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  • Agile Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • History of Jenkins
  • State of the Jenkins community
  • Running Jenkins from the jar file
  • Installing Jenkins in a servlet container
  • Setup Security
  • Email and Version Control
  • Master/slave configurations
  • Creating a job
  • Configure a job
  • Run a job manually
  • Run a job when source code is checked into version control
  • Run a job on a regular schedule
  • Monitoring External jobs
  • Distributed builds
  • File fingerprint tracking
  • Using Jenkins for non-Java projects
  • Matrix projects
  • Splitting a big job into smaller jobs
  • Change reporting
  • Code coverage
  • Static Analysis
  • Performance reporting
  • Style checking