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Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing is a process of testing application on a mobile device in different Operating systems, wide variety of Networks, Variety of Mobile devices, Emulators & Simulators and in variety of internet connections to execute functionality, usability and consistency of User Interface as per the requirements.

Many Challenges are rounding like Fast changing market with strong customers expectation, Frequent introductions of new devices and techniques, Wide variety of operating systems (Android, IOS, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry and Many network operators with different infrastructures and requirements . To meet challenges such as smaller budgets, rapid changes in technology and also shrinking timelines mobile application testing requires changes in the way testing gets done for mobile applications.

The Mobile App Testing is to be depend on Architecture like, Client-side architecture, Server-side architecture and Connections type. Two Major Players in market of smartphone in mobile operating systems like Android and IOS. Two other popular Os are Blackberry RIM and Windows Operating System. The testing depends on different types of testing like Functional Testing, Input Testing, UI Testing, Interrupts testing, Network Testing, Power battery testing.

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  • Understanding the Mobile Landscape
  • Emerging trends in Mobile Space
  • Components of Mobile App
  • Types of Mobile Apps – Native, Hybrid, Web Mobile Apps
  • SDLC and STLC in Mobile world
  • Network Testing
  • Data Storage Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Impact of Operating System on Testing
  • Jail-Breaking / Rooting
  • Testing Special Device Capabilities
  • Usability Testing for Mobile Devices
  • Install and Uninstall Testing
  • Update and Upgrade Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Device Interactions
  • Capturing Crash Logs, Screenshot and Logging Bug via Defect Tracking Tool
  • Understanding .apk File
  • Install and Configure Emulator
  • Activity Life Cycle: Start, Pause, Resume and Restart
  • Testing Live Mobile Application
  • Why Automation is Required
  • When to Implement Automation
  • Mobile Automation Tools
  • OOPs Concepts – Setup Java Environment – Download JDK and Setup Eclipse
  • Java Programming Concepts
  • Class, Object, Variables, Methods, Packages
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Access and Non-access Modifiers
  • Array and Array list
  • Interfaces, Inheritance, Collections, Exceptions
  • Introduction of Selenium Components
  • Selenium Web Driver Introduction
  • Architectural difference between Web Driver Vs RC
  • Download and Configure Web Driver with Eclipse
  • Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE , Chrome, HtmlUnitDriver
  • Object locators / Identification
  • Handling Various Web Element using Web Driver
  • Handling Mouse Movements and Keyboard Events
  • Handling Pop-ups, Windows, and Alerts
  • Automating Real Time Scenarios
  • Appium Introduction
  • Appium Installation on WINDOWS for Android
  • APPIUM First Program
  • Native APPS Automation
  • Live Examples of Device APPS
  • Web APPS Automation
  • Appium Framework- Part 1 - Learn Testing Basics
  • Appium Framework Part 2 -Maven (Build Management Tool)
  • Appium Framework Part 3 - Integrating Testing with Maven
  • Data Driving from Excel for Feeding Data into Appium Test Cases